70 Quest for the Golden Arrow

September 5, 2019 12:06 am

Egg Toss

Each lodge will send their lodge adviser and lodge chief to toss an egg to one another over a distance that will change with each throw. They may not drop the egg or they are eliminated.

Rowboat carry

6 members of each lodge will separate into 2 groups of 3. One group will be on one side of the field with the rowboat and the other group will be on the other side of the field. The first group will run across the field with the boat and hand off to the other team and they will carry it back.

Giant Cup Pong

Each team will have a soccer ball and they are trying to throw it and get it in the big cup on the other side. They get one throw per turn and if they get the ball in the cup the cup is out of play. First team to get all of the cups wins the game!

Tug of War

Each Lodge will send 7 lodge members to compete in a tournament style tug of war.

Car Wash

Each team will have 2 buckets one full of water and the other empty and a big sponge. Each lodge will be given certain amount of time to try and get as much water as possible from one bucket to the other using all lodge members. What ever team gets the most water in the bucket wins. Minimum of 15 people but can use as many as wanted

5-Legged Race

2 teams of 3 from each lodge will participate and each team will have the legs tied to each other. The first team lines up on the starting line and runs across the field and around a point and back. Then the next team will do the same route. First team back win.