From the Chief



As the section leadership team prepares for Cardinal Conclave we have decided to continue the digital format of our Section Planbook. Last year we found that the digital planbook allowed us to update information throughout the year, act on our commitment to sustainability, and remain thrifty by greatly reducing our printing costs. We are excited to continue this format for the planning of Conclave 2020.

This year’s Conclave will be an exciting event as our Section continues to innovate our program while maintaining the core elements of Conclave that Arrowmen look forward to year after year. Although the programmatic elements of Conclave—such as Quest Events, Shows, OAX, and AIA Competitions—provide plenty for Conclave delegates to enjoy, it is the fellowship of Brothers from across the Section that makes Cardinal Conclave so special. At the largest Conclave in the nation, nearly 1500 Arrowmen from across the state of North Carolina can meet and share in the bonds of Brotherhood.

I look forward to meeting with Brothers from all six lodges of our Section as we enjoy the culmination of the planning of our section leaders and experience the ideas of this planbook put into action. As you read over these plans for Cardinal Conclave 2020, or submit your own additions to the planbook, remember that the contents of this planbook will soon be realized in one of the greatest Scouting events of the year. I look forward to seeing each of you as our Section Soars Higher at Camp Bowers in April of 2020!

Yours in Cheerful Service,
Ethan Syster
Section Chief


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