Apensuwi Newsletter Schedule

September 5, 2019 12:22 am


Issue Theme At Conclave Opportunity Offficer/Chairman Article Extra Content Due Release
October ’20 Honors Section Award Competitions Eagle Scout Challenge Recognitions Chairman SR-7B DSA Recipients  OAX Google Form 10/1/2020  10/15/20 
November ’20 Inductions Ceremony Evaluations Service Greek Life ICE Chair Socially Distant Inductions    11/1/2020  11/15/20
December ’20 Spirit Shows, Cardnival, Campwide Game Memorabilia Order Shows Chair, VC Program NPM    12/15/2020  12/30/20
January ’21 AIA Pow Wow, Singing, and Dancing Comp. Section AIA Seminar AIA Chairman N/A    1/1/21  1/15/21
February ’21 Training OAX NLS VC of Training Lodge LLD Recaps    2/1/21  2/15/21
March ’21 Service Service Projects, Blood Drive, and Canned Food OAHA Service Chairman Lodge Food Drives Blood Drive Permission Form  3/1/21   3/15/21
April ’21 Conclave! E2k (Parking, Schedule, Social Distancing etc.)   Conclave Chairman Chief fav parts of conclave    3/15/21  4/1/21
Post Conclave Look back Event Highlights National Program Emphasis New Officers Recognitions   N/A   4/25/21