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From the Chief


Your section leadership team has been hard at work preparing the Conclave program and finding ways to revolutionize what we do. As part of that initiative we are looking to modernize our administrative practices. As you can see, we are producing this planbook in an entirely new format in an effort to adhere to the OA’s commitment to sustainability and save cost in printing. This digital format will ensure that we aren’t distributing information that is already outdated at the time of printing.

Next, I eagerly anticipate the continuation of SR-7B tradition in hosting the largest conclave in the nation, and this year, the largest in history. At Conclave, we will celebrate our commitment to service inside and outside this organization, we will recognize our common bonds, and we will commit ourselves to growing this organization and the impact that it has on our members and in our communities.

The order has seen significant change over the past few years and we will see more of it as we welcome a more diverse group of people into our organization in February. This change provides an opportunity for growth and celebration as the program of the OA will now be available to all youth within the Scouting movement.

Occoneechee Lodge will host the 2019 SR-7B Conclave at the beautiful Camp Durant, where they will welcome over 1700 Arrowmen and guests. Occoneechee Lodge is well under way in preparation for this event. As the host lodge prepares to welcome the section to Conclave, it now falls on the section and lodge leaders to make Conclave memorable and exciting for all Arrowmen, whether it is their first Conclave or their tenth. We look forward to you joining us in the fun and excitement at Camp Durant!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Sean Alewine Section Chief


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