Spirit Award

September 5, 2019 12:17 am

Voting will remain anonymous beyond the COC and every Lodge Chief as well as the Section Officers and any regional or national officers will be given a ballot. Each lodge chief and officer will use this ballot to cast his vote. The Section Chief and the Recognition’s Chair will tally the votes after receiving all ballots. Lodge Chiefs may vote for their own lodge. The lodge with the most votes earns the Spirit Award for the year. Each category is considered one vote.

Category Description Winner
Overall Theme This category is meant to highlight who had the most creative theme of this year and the execution of the theme. Creative themes are ½ of this category but carrying out of the theme is also required in order to win this category.
Quality of Chants Which lodge had the most creative and new chants?
Loudness Which lodge was the loudest with consideration of the Lodges size?
Service Which lodge did the best in promoting cheerful service at Conclave?
Wildcard Something that stood out to you that hasn’t been done in years past at Conclaves.


I, _________________________________ , do hereby promise that the Lodges I voted for are truly deserving of my votes for the Spirit Award.


Notes: The use of air horns, electronic noise-making devices, and other “noise pollution” equipment is prohibited. Expression of spirit should always be positive. There is no place for “negative cheering” at our Conclave.